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Where is Spookala?

Spookala started in Ocala Florida - at the state of the art World Equestrian Center.

We intend to stay near our roots each year, right here in Ocala. We plan to bring you a horror experience at the same venue annually.

Check us out at the World Equestrian Center on June 9th, 10th, & 11th 2023

nw 87th ct rd

ocala, fl 34482

Spookala has, excitedly, spread beyond Ocala and will be hosted by the incredible 

Tampa Fairgrounds in October of 2023. 

Why? While we will always go big for our friends and neighbors here in Ocala, we can go bigger in Tampa, and we intend to do just that.  


how do i buy tickets?

You can buy tickets right here on this site. Check out the ticket page from the drop down menu. Alternatively, you can buy your tickets at the door.

VIP has sold out at past events - prior to the show - so beware. 

why go for v.i.p.?

VIP tickets entitle you to skip the line to meet your favorite celebrities. You also get admitted to the convention 15 minutes early each day.

Swag - you will be gifted with a special edition lanyard, badge, wristband, shirt, stickers, poster,

and limited edition 'metal logo' bag. BONUS! Event exclusive trading cards

Action - after hours you can party with us, our guests, and your fellow VIP passholders

more to come....

can i request a guest?

We understand that you have your favorite celebrities, because we do too. A lot of thought and resources go into our lineup. You are welcome to request anyone under the sun; we love hearing from you!  

Just remember these key things -

We plot our show pretty far in advanced. 

Many celebrities are busy throughout the year with other engagements and cannot make it.

Some do not do conventions.

Some don't fit into our budget, our theme, or our values.  

So, we will make every effort to accommodate but unfortunately -

there is a lot behind the scenes that we at Spookala have no control over. 

check out the home page to request a guest.

i bought a ticket... now what?

We ask that you bring the confirmation email sent after purchase. Have it ready to be scanned as you enter.  No physical tickets are mailed out, and VIP bags/passes are dispensed at the event. 

If you do not have that, entry will be delayed and we will have to check your name off of a list of THOUSANDS of attendees by hand. In that event we will need your ID, and your patience as we get you sorted out. 

how much are kid's tickets?

Kids 10 and under are free. Why? Because kids are terrifying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are autographs and photographs?

Spookala doesn't control these prices, the celebrities do. We will relay the cost of autographs and photographs once we get them. Keep in mind, prices will vary from celebrity to celebrity. So will the length of time spent in their line - unless you are VIP and skip ahead.

In past years we have seen prices range from $20 to $100+. These numbers fluctuate and we won't know until closer to the event.

we know you are trying to budget, keep in mind that spookala will not have some of the prices until the event. although the celebrities all accept cash only, we have furnished multiple atms on site for you to use. 

Check out the guest tab for the prices we do know, plus we will update it once they inform us.

how do i get a media/press pass?

We are so glad you want to cover our event! At this time we are not open to partnering with media/press but moving forward that may change. We have gotten very lucky with some of the hype surrounding Spookala, and the organic coverage has been so so appreciated! 

are there outside food vendors?

at our pop up events we have food trucks and you will be within walking distance of quite a few restaurants in beautiful downtown ocala.


in june? No. The World Equestrian Center is very strict about what they allow, and outside food is not permitted. There are good options on site, our favorite being Ralph's Sandwich Shop. 

To budget ahead, expect theme park pricing when eating on site. 

You are also going to be approx. 5 minutes away by car from fast food options.

There are water fountains, ATMs, and soda vending machines available in addition to a quick serve option in the same building as the convention. 

in october we will be at the florida state fairgrounds in tampa - more details to come as we get closer.

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